Hotel Wellness ProVita

This property is 1-minute walk from the beach. Showcasing a playground and hot tub, Hotel Wellness ProVita is in Kołobrzeg in the region of Zachodnio-Pomorskie. In the original version, wooden floors were to be installed in the hotel rooms. However, due to the direct access of sand and water, a decision was made to use vinyl floors.

The choice fell on Pergo vinyl floors.

The fact that the Pergo vinyl substrate was chosen, decided on its exceptionally natural look which resembles natural wood, and exceptional resistance to staining and scratches.

This unique resistance has been achieved thanks to the use of a unique protective layer - TitanV ™!

Det här projektet
  1. Kategori: Klass 33 Vinyl Hotell
  2. Land: Poland
  3. Ort: Kołobrzeg
  4. År:  2018

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